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Hook U Up

Hook U Up


We're stoked to help like minded people hook up. Here's a few clubs and associations that can help you get to the next level.   

ABSEILING AND ROCK CLIMBING Sport Climbing included in the youth Olympic programme.... click here
BASE If you want to jump leagally, I'm afraid you'll have to head overseas. Click here for more info.


Aussies still dominating the world BMX scene, click here to learn more about their high performance programs.
CANOE Jess Fox makes history - the first women to win both the women's KI and C1 event at a World cup. Click here
COAST GUARD Each year Coast Guard volunteers perform thousands of rescues. Click here for more
CYCLE Australian cycling team have a strong .. .. click here .. ..contingent travelling to Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth games, lets get behind them & support them.
FISHING  Click here
HANG GLIDING AND PARA GLIDING Aussie Johnny Durand, one day two World records.  Australia currently has 8 World record holders. Click here for more.
HIKING Click here. Click here
KAYAK Click here
KITEBOARD Push the boundaries of speed and test your hang time. Learn more here.
MILITARY Click here
MOTO AND SUPER CROSS  Click here for a complete club directory in your state.
MTB Aussie Brosnan wins first elite Downhill Mountain bike World cup race in Scotland. Click here to learn more.
PARKOUR Overcome physical & mental obstacles in your path by using your body & mind to run, climb, jump & vault. Click here.
POWERBOAT  For the finest speed and drag boat clubs, click here.
PWC For more info on 2015 Australian Jet Sport Tour, click here.
RUNNING  Up for 50km, 100km, 24hr and 48hr running races? Click here.
SAIL - YACHT  Click here
SEARCH AND RESCUE Australian services cover 52.8 million square kms of the Indian, Pacific and Southern Oceans. Click here.
SKATE Click here. Click here. Click here.
SKATE SAILING Interested in 14 foot Skatesailing? Click here to learn more about a 57 year history.
SKYDIVING Find your nearest Drop Zone location or club..... Click here
SUP Click here 
SURFING Click here
SWIMMING Click here to target your best local clubs or here if you're looking for broad information around swim Aus..... click here
TRIATHLON Click here to be part of the 2014-2015 National calendar.
WATERSKI AND WAKEBOARD The fastest barefoot waterski record was set by Michael Pellaton in '89 at 218Km. Reckon you can beat it? Join the hall of fame, Click here
WINGSUIT  Click here and visit the World Wingsuit League to find out more about their invitation only events  

 Still cant find what you're looking for? Please email us. We're here to help.


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Hook U Up

  • Check-out the hottest Clubs and Associations from around the country. Help share some tricks and tips or maybe you could use more information to get to you the next level. Get in touch with your local Skydiving, Gliding, Swimming or Motocross club. Get more info on Base Jumping, Kite Surfing, MTB and Cycling. Snow seasons here, find your next ride and check-in with like minded people.read more